The Shave Doctor “The Full Monty” Review

The Shave Doctor

A couple of weeks ago I hinted that I would be having a review soon, then I vanished (again). Here’s what happened…

I recently received an box from The Shave Doctor via the Queens Post containing the The Shave Doctor – Full Monty

This package contain 100ml tubes of Pre Shave Face Scrub, Shave Gel Oil, Ultimate Shaving Creme, After Shave Cooling Gel, and Moisturizer.

Shortly after the box arrived, I gathered all of the products and began my normal procedure.

While in the shower, I replaced my normal cleaner/exfoliant with the Pre Shave Face Scrub which was amazing! I could tell from that point that I was about to have a very enjoyable shave.

Once I finished my shower I set up my camera and began filming my shave. I applied the Ultimate Shave Creme with a brush at first then found it better to apply by hand. It is a thinner Creme but provided a wonderfully slick surface for my double edge safety razor. Through out the shave I began to notice several spots that were not shaving as closely as I would like.

I have to state that I really felt sad that the Creme was not holding up to the Pre Shave Scrub.

I kept shaving making one pass with the grain and one pass against. Over all it was pretty smooth, but I knew I would have to shave again with my cartridge razor. There are some spots that no matter what cream/creme/soap etc, I simply can’t get well. That said, there were spots this time that normally come smooth on the first pass.

I stopped filming and coated my head/face a third time with the Shave Creme, pulled out my Harry’s razor and proceeded to my clean-up have. I was AMAZED the shave with my cartridge razor was smoother than I have had in a long time. My hope in the Ultimate Shave Creme was restored. My head was smooth, slick, shiny, and best of all nick and abrasion free!

When I was done shaving, I applied the After Shave Cooling Gel, and felt a cooling sensation that was just perfect. Not too chilling, but not so reserved to not uphold its name.

As a package, The Full Monty from The Shave Doctor is very good! It will be going on vacation with me this coming weekend. I am that impressed!

That was a few weeks ago. I never posted the review because I wanted to do a better video using only the Harry’s razor. Then, I struck my head while moving some 4×4 posts causing a nice little cut that kept me from being able to shave properly for about a week.

I didn’t want you to wait any longer for a review from me, so here it is. I will post a special followup video soon.

Until then, I recommend you head over to The Shave Doctor web site (linked to on the right) and get yourself some of their awesomeness!!!

I do not intend to use my DE razor in any more review videos. I simply do not like the shave I get. I am not interested in discussing technique etc, it is just not the razor type for me at this time.