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I am not a Social Media Guru, just a daily/hourly user of many of the platforms out there.

That said, I have asked a few folks who deal with Social Media a little more intimately than I do to express their feelings about the recent changes on Facebook and Google Plus (G+)

First to respond to my tweet, was Dano Hart. Dano has a way of finding himself in just about every hangout on Google+. He has hungout with the likes of Leo Laporte, Scoble, and a list as long as your arm. Here is what he said about the changes.

Crazy updates came out Tuesday and I almost had a heart-attack keeping up with it all. Facebook changing it’s news feed again will always bring out statuses of people saying that they basically hate change, but I, for one, welcome it. Facebook is trying to combine what we know as the “Top News” and the “Most Recent” news feed, and if they can pull this off, I will pleasantly impressed. I check Facebook often and if they can keep showing me recent news, while sprinkling in some “top news” when I haven’t checked in awhile, then I’m fine with that.

But the big news that we all need know about is the changes that Google+ has made. I’ve been labeled as a talking billboard for Google+, and called the “Hangout King” but believe me when I say, that Google will be a player in this game of social. Now opening up to public beta, you no longer need an invite to sign up. But with features like Hangouts and Messenger in the app, and the functionality of Circles and realtime updates, it makes the experience of using it amazing. And if Google can keep up this drive they have, it will be great for all of us.

Dano Hart
G+ :

Bill Murphy (@SteelCityTerp) added his two cents as well. Bill and his wife are interpreters in the Pittsburgh Pa. area. Here is Bill’s¬†interpretation (pun???)

If you do nothing – you will become obsolete. I’m sure that Facebook knows their users habits well. I’m guessing, as is always the case, there will be some users who will gripe at first. However, I doubt a single one will shut down their account forever.

Bill Murphy

I am waiting for a few other replies and will possibly update this post or create a new one when/if they have time to send me information. (This arena quite the busy one)

I also received a very in-depth response from Mike Grosheim (TheSocialTweep) that I will be posting as a full on guest post this Sunday.

What do I think about the changes as of late?

I am always immediately angered by change. Followed quickly with a slow building like for what I see.

I love that Google+ is open to everyone now. I still do not fully love the Facebook changes (Mostly just the ticker)…

However, I have been given a sneak peek into the new Facebook Timeline that good ole Zucky spoke about in the F8 airing yesterday. I will post a few pics and a write up about it tomorrow if I get time.

What do YOU think of the changes? Leave a comment below and let me know.

– The Bald Fat Guy
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