That is why they call it Social Media

The title of this blog does not give the full affect of what I am trying to say, so let me try it again…

That is why they call it SOCIAL Media…

Let me explain the emphasis on the word Social. You see, I do not work in the Social Media / Social Networking fields. As I have said before, I am just an avid user of most of them.

I gain most of my enjoyment out of meeting and chatting with folks virtually. In real life I tend to be a little shy (at first.)

I enjoy getting to know folks via Twitter, facebook, and Google+, but I can probably count on one hand the number of people I have met first via Social Media and then in person.

That number increased by one this week. One that I have actively been trying to meet.

This past Thursday I FINALLY got to meet the uber busy yet always social Chris Dilla. Chris is the owner of Bocktown Beer and Grill. I have been trying to meet up with her in her since my first visit to Bocktown.

There was even a Tweet-up there for Beerby (I really need to write a post about them soon…) but I did not get to meet her then. I am not even sure she was there…

Thursday itself started pretty normally. My wife texted me while I was at work and said our oldest was hoping we could go out to eat for dinner (he knows when my payday is… kids eh?) I used this request to my advantage and told her only if we could go to the new Bocktown location.

When she agreed, I immediately tweeted Bocktown and asked what the average wait was for a family of four at around 6pm. I was happy to hear that they are always busy, but I could probably get a table with a very limited wait.

::Side-Bar:: Bocktown is very responsive on Twitter. They constantly list the latest tap and answer to tweets quite quickly all while running a very busy beer and grill! ::End-Side-Bar::

My next tweet went directly to Chris… I asked if she was going to be there. She responded with a yes and I began to get as giddy as a school girl picking out her prom dress! My wife just giggled at me and shook her head…

When we go to Monaca, I paused outside, took tweet a photo of the signage over the door for my tweet, told the world where I was and went inside.

We waited a whole 3 minutes.

During that time, I checked in on foursquare. When I looked up from my phone, there she was. It was like I was seeing a friend I had known for years, but not seen for a long time. No awkwardness, not shyness, just a hug and a smile.

She sat and shared a beer (Rust Belt Rusted River Irish Red Ale) with Kim and I. She chatted with our kids and even let our oldest enter the tee shirt slogan contest. She also recommended a great beer to go with my meal as well as my personal tastes. I had the Bocktown Burgher with fries and a East End Fat Gary Nut Brown Ale.

After dinner was over she came back to see us off. She informed me that I need to get out to more tweet-ups and mingle. It is not uncommon for folks like me to be vocal online but shy in real life… Based on her advice, I think I will just have to do that… in fact, I may just plan one of my own soon. Who doesn’t like good #craftbeer and meeting people?

This post took a slightly different twist as it came flowing out of my fingers than what was in my head, so I need to add another reason or two why it is important to me to define the Social portion…

This week I won couple contests from various sponsors on I Wear Your shirt. I love winning, but what I love even more is the community wrapped around IWYS. A community that, while they two are tweeting, facebooking, etc to win the contests themselves, actually take time to congratulate someone else when they win instead.

I would love to thank each of you by name, but I would hate to miss anyone. So Thank you to my IWYS (and beyond) friends.

I have a few close friends in real life. I treasure them dearly. I would be wrong to not continue that love for my online friends. Many of which have been just as supportive in my times of loss and sorrow than many of my real life friends.

To me, it is moments like these that put the Social in Social Media / Social Network, and I thank you all.


- The Bald Fat Guy

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