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Stocking Stuffers for Shavers

Christmas is coming up!

Now if you know me, you know that I am one who likes to focus on the holiday at hand. I get a little cranky when I see decorations for Christmas when Halloween hasn’t even passed yet. Ask my wife, I am sure she can list about a billion times that I have grumbled over such atrocities…

That said, my wife’s family has this tradition where we take a few minutes on Thanksgiving and create a list of 4 items we would like for Christmas. We then place those lists into a basket and one by one we each draw the name of person we will purchase Christmas presents for. It’s fun, it makes things easier with such a big family, and well it’s just plain hard to know what to put on the list.Razors make great stocking stuffers

This year, last night in fact, we actually met to do this drawing early. Thanksgiving is too late in the year for some of the more serious shoppers to wait to find out what we desired. I struggled. I paced. I finally just tossed some silly trinkets onto my list and through caution into the wind. Shortly after I had made the commitment and tossed my folded list into the basket it hit me.

I received an email yesterday from a company I reviewed previously offing me a stocking stuffer kit. They have put together a few items in a package just the right size to put in your shaver’s stocking. I am sure they are not the only company doing so. I only wish I had taken the time to post this sooner (see now even I want to talk about Christmas before Halloween) so I could have written down some better choices on my list.

So, here we go. What are some of your favorite razors, creams, lotions, etc? What are the best stocking stuffers you have seen/received as a shaver? What would you like to see in a Christmas kit?

– The Bald Fat Guy
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