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Are you skeptical to try Headblade? A guest post by @mtmcl14

Over the past few months I have met quite a few fellas who enjoy shaving as much as I do. Not all of them are headshavers like myself, but they know a good razor or shaving product when they see one.

Not long ago, I was having a discussion with fellow headshaver @mtmcl14 on Twitter and the topic of the Headblade came up. I have personally never used one, but it has been his exclusive razor choice for a number of years. I asked him to write up a guest post telling us why he liked the Headblade so well.

If you are on the fence about using a Headblade razor, now is good time to try one. Click on any linked reference to Headblade and purchase through that link and you will receive 20% of your purchase thanks to @mtmcl14!

Are you skeptical to try Headblade?

You might want to read this.

HeadbladeEight years ago or so as I was walking through the Canadian pharmacy Shoppers Drug Mart (I’m in Canada, EH!) and I see a Headblade shaver, the “Classic” as they are now referred to (the ones without any wheels.)

I was intrigued by the concept of a special shaver just for your head. I had used both clippers with no attachment, or Schick FX on my head for a while by then.

Well I broke down and bought it thinking, “why not?” I had found it to be ok after getting the hang of it although I started out with a lot of irritation and razor bumps. I used it off and on until I was in Michigan on a shopping trip and came across a Headblade sport… Ah wheels, like a toy car/shaver, I snapped it up right away. I had been using the Headblade Sport, the Headslick, and Headlube. I loved it, a nice smooth close shave every time. I experienced occasional cuts and knicks, but that is just part of shaving. Then awhile ago I saw the ATX, suspension now?, I’m in! So by now I am pretty much a Headblader for life. I ordered one, along with Headshed and their Sunscreen.

I am a big fan for sure, so I kept ordering Headblade products. I came across a blade cleaner/ sharpener called RazorpitRazorpit, so I bought one of them. All you do is as you shave, you rinse the front and back of your razorblades between each stroke to keep it from clogging up. As soon as you are done shaving you apply either shaving cream or soap on the RazorpitRazorpit and run the blade/cartridge back and forth about 10 times. I do this after each shave it cleans and preserves the blade. I have been using the same Headblade 6 blade cartridge since October or November (2013) and it is April, 2014 so it works and saves you a pile of money on blades. I know a lot of guys who shave daily and go through 1 cartridge per week, never again with the Razorpit.

In November I also purchased the Headblade S4 Shark, just like the ATX, only it is made of hand polished stainless steel. I am really happy with it. I am not saying it’s the best for everybody out there but for me it makes shaving faster and easier.

There is a technique to shaving with either the ATV or Shark if you watch Headblade’s youtube video it explains it quite well. Although, I have found if you miss a patch or end up with some hair left behind you can either put pressure with your pinky or index finger, depending on the direction you are shaving or how you are holding it, or just gently lift the wheels off your head, either way will apply just slightly more pressure allowing it to swipe all the hair for a smooth shave.

I am personally a daily shaver and my current lineup is St.Ives Scrub, or Headshed, Headslick, Headwash, and after I am all dried off, Headlube (Headlube with spf protection in the summer.) However I am also a big fan of Domecare Solutions also definitely worth trying if you are a Head shaving dude like me.

So check out Razorpit.com, DomeCareSolutions.com, and most of all Headblade

If you use the link I’ve provided for Headblade you will get 20% Off, or if you just visit the site normally enter 40011009 in the ambassador/ affiliate code spot before checking out and you will receive 20% Off your order.

Hope you enjoyed the read! #Baldnation #Headbladerforlife

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Thanks @mtmcl14!

I am definitely intrigued to try the Headblade for sure. I recently found out that I was to receive one for Christmas last year, but sadly the home of the person who was going to give it to me caught fire. I will make it a point to pick one up soon!

- The Bald Fat Guy

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