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A Mustache Monocle is Classy!

I say ol’ chap, what type of trinkets and do-dad’s shall you be finding in your stocking this Christmas? Might I recommend you request a stuffer containing a razor, extra blades, and a mustache monocle?

Sounds classy right? ShaveMOB has created a stocking stuffer with those exact items!

ShaveMOB Stocking Stuffers Are Classy!

That’s right! Send your special someone [or yourself] to the link below (before December 17th!) and they can order a kit containing:
-1 handle (men’s or women’s)
-2 month supply of men’s or women’s razor blades (choose if you want 3,4,or 6 blades).
-1 mustache monocle

Stocking Stuffer Kits start as low as $9.99. Head on over to ShaveMOB’s special #StockingStuffer page and order yours today!

Mustache Monocle?

Mustache MonocleWhat’s up with the monocle? ShaveMOB’s Moustache Monocle is perfect for those that cannot or will not grow a Mustache this November, but want to support men’s health and the fight against prostate cancer.

You can also purchase a mustache monocle separately for $5.00 with all proceeds being sent to Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance.

Psst! Are you still reading, the first to click this “link“, tweeting to me that you read this post, will win a kit containing a handle and 4 Caveman 6 blade cartridges. (Check this hashtag to see who won… #HiBaldFatGuy) NOTE: Please do not change the tweet in anyway. Thanks. – You will be required to provide me with a valid shipping address. No purchase necessary.

If you are keeping track, I reviewed the ShaveMOB Caveman 6 Blade Razor back in September. Have a look here if you haven’t seen it already.

– The Bald Fat Guy
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